image of The Business Base`s remote services logoLooking for a Virtual Business Address…?


The Business Base offers you a professional address for your business giving you a more prestige appearance

Businesses operating from home share a familiar concern in that they have to use their home address as a business address. This means that the home address is made public, and it does not give a professional image. Many businesses fail to realise that you do not have to be in business premises in order to have a separate address.

Professional Address

The Business Base mailing address services allows you to have a professional address for your business and avoids having to use your home address. This means you will be given a professional standing which will only increase your clients impression of both you and your business.

Mail Held or Forwarded

You use the Rowan House address on your stationery, literature and any other marketing material; your mail is then received and sorted into your dedicated pigeon hole which can then either be held for your collection or forwarded onto you at regular intervals.

A common issue for businesses working from home is having a clear definition between the business and the home; a mailing address service from The Business Base gives you this distinction and allows you to maintain your home life whilst still running your business professionally.