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At Diamond Skin Care we aim to continuously design and create the most innovative dermatology services that will connect the best technologies, treatments and experts with patients in fast and convenient ways, so that a skin condition never becomes a cause for embarrassment, withdrawal, worry or loss of self esteem.

Over 10 years’ experience of how dermatology care is provided in the UK has led to us developing the patient-focused philosophy behind Diamond Skin Care.

Our goal is to offer high quality skin treatment, tailored to your needs. Our first-hand observation of health care standards in the majority of NHS hospitals over the past decade has revealed wide ranging differences in the quality of care between institutions. Some are good and some are not so good but, as a private organisation, Diamond Skin Care strives to be consistent in delivering excellent service.

This has led us to introduce Diamond Mole Safe as we know that early detection saves lives. Thousands of people rely on family and friends to pick up or watch their suspicious skin growths and moles. Seeing a specialist and then waiting for treatment can mean many weeks of worry and asking yourself ‘could it be cancerous? Could it spread?’ Our service means you can be seen within 24 hours of contacting us, with any cancerous moles or growths treated on the same day.

Every one knows that early detection saves lives, but not everyone knows how to detect early. If early changes are not seen, you might not be tested further. 5500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer in East Anglia every year. We believe with today’s technology, nobody should have to wait and worry.

So we have created Diamond Mole Safe, which uses the best early detection technology (called serial digital dermoscopy) to look beneath the surface and catch changes the eye misses over time. With same day treatment available if needed, you have your answer faster and easier than you get anywhere else.

So if you’re worried about skin cancer, call 01603813906 to..

Catch it, Cure it, Enjoy life!

For facts surrounding skin cancer, and what you should be looking for, please read our blog post, which includes a skin cancer guide – Please click here to download a PDF